I am the oldest of four sisters, born and raised in Egilsstadir, East Iceland, January 23rd 1951.
I did part time work in general service and dairy industry from the age of twelve and later in teaching and other educational activities while studying.



- University of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. Master of Fine Art. 2006-2008
- A large number of shorter courses in psychology, education, community management and fine art
- Akureyri School of Visual Art. Fine Arts, 1998-2002
- Håkon Öen. Family Therapy, 1985-1988
- Esra S. Péturson. Psychoanalysis, 1981-1984
- Gothenburg University, Sweden. M.Sc. in Psychology (Clinical Child Psychology) 1981
- University of Iceland. Basic Philosophy and Swedish, 1978
- University of Iceland. BA in Psychology, Education and Teaching, 1977
- Roosevelt University, Chicago USA. Computer Science, 1972
- Akureyri Junior College. Dept. of Natural Science, 1967-1971



- Member of SIM (Icelandic Artists Organisation) fulltime work as an artist and member of board in Myndlistarfélagid 2009-2010. Meber of The Sculptural Association in Reykjavík.
- Clinical psychologist in Reykjavik Day-Care Dept for four years and then at Kopasker Health Center for another four years.
- Member of the Community Counsil in Öxarfjördur District for twelve years and thereof working as The Community Manager for ten years.
- Member of several councils and committees in my community, for the North-Iceland Council and countrywide.
- First reserve Member of Parliament ( Althingi) for one election period, with a short sitting and filed one individual Motion on Road Improvement in North-Iceland and represented Iceland in an UN conference (FAO) in Holland about Women in Rural Areas.
- I have decided not to be a member of any political party but watch politics “from above” instead and when necessary dive down to state my point of view in a piece of work.

I am married to Sigurður Halldórsson, a Family Doctor and we have three grown-up children; Kristbjörg, an Orthopedic Surgeon who loves travelling and photography, and her husband is Magnus Johansson electrical engineer, there daughter Ingunn Magnúsdóttir, Kristveig, a Singer and Planning Engineer and Halldór Svavar, a Physiotherapist and a sportsman. He is married to Edda Hermannsdóttir journalist and their children Emilia and Sigurður.